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Whether you’re an auto consumer or an auto dealer, we’ve all bought and sold used vehicles before and we all know about the hassles and limited options that make it difficult to do so. 123Quanto is an online auto auction created by a group of car enthusiasts and auto dealers to connect auto consumers with auto dealers at scale. 123Quanto is here to provide another option to find, buy and sell used cars, used trucks and used SUV’s in real-time.

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As consumers, we have very limited options when looking to sell our used vehicles. We can attempt to sell our used vehicles privately but this can be a painful process managing showings, test drives and buyers that simply waste your time. The private sale takes time and is not for everyone but will ultimately provide the most money for your used vehicle, which is great if you’ve got the patience and your willing to put up with the hassle.

Another option is to trade-in your used vehicle to a dealership. When you trade-in your vehicle to a dealer you’re typically only talking to a handful of dealers at a time, you never really know if there are other interested dealers or if your getting the best deal. When you trade in a vehicle to a dealer you receive tax savings on your new vehicle which almost makes up for the difference of selling privately.


We all know that the automotive industry is a very competitive landscape for dealers so they’re always interested in additional ways to find good used vehicles. Like consumers, dealers have limited options when looking for used vehicles, typically they rely on wholesale auctions and customer trade-ins to fill their used inventory. Finding good local used vehicles has always been a struggle for dealers and they’re willing to pay top dollar for the right used car, used truck or used SUV that compliments their lot.