6 of the Best Family Cars Available in Canada

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Families come in different shapes and sizes, but regardless of the number of people in your household, one thing’s for sure: you need a safe, reliable set of wheels to handle their transport on a daily basis.  But when it comes time to make a decision to get a new family car, prospective buyers can find themselves overwhelmed by the vast number of options available in the market.

From SUVs to sedans, fuel-efficient compacts to minivans - gone are the days when the erstwhile station wagon was the only choice available for moms and dads. Picking from amongst this array of high-tech, family-friendly vehicles, requires a careful analysis of your family’s needs. Amongst other things, you need to consider:

·       How much seating you need

·       Whether you require extra storage space for dogs, bikes etc.

·       Your everyday driving conditions

·       Whether parking space is a concern

·       How important fuel efficiency is to you

·       Safety rating and all-around safety features.

·       Comfort and convenience

·       Performance

Our automotive experts have compiled this diverse list of cars in a variety of classes, and prices, to help put this list of factors into perspective and assist you in making the best buying decision possible.

The Fuel Efficient Choice

Cars don’t get more fuel-efficient than the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt. Capable of travelling at least 380 kilometers on a single charge, this tall-roofed hatchback provides ample seating and storage space for a small family - something that can’t be said for more highly publicized competitors such as the Tesla 3.

While the Bolt does come with a pricey $44,000 price tag in Canada, residents can expect some pretty hefty tax incentives to soften that blow. In addition the vehicle represents years of saving in fuel and maintenance costs, which make the car more than worth the value in the long run.  

The Budget Option

The Kia Soul offers sturdy construction, spacious interiors, fuel efficiency, funky aesthetics and a host of exciting tech options at a cost of around $25,000 in Canada. While prospective buyers may lament the relatively basic security features, and average storage capacity, the powerful performance and excellent comfort of this compact crossover will certainly make up for those minor quibbles.

Canada’s Best Selling Car

With total sales of 66,057 units over the calendar year, the Honda Civic has secured its spot as Canada’s most popular car for the 17th year running. Available as either a four door sedan or hatchback the 2017 iteration of the Civic offers many of the same great characteristics which made the model so coveted in the first place.

The vehicle offers great handling, roomy interiors and a powerful turbocharged engine. All features which make the Civic a great combination of practical purpose and sporty function to suit any young family. Prices on the 2017 model begin at $19,380.

The Best Minivan